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Refundable ICO, STO & IEO contributions

A new era in crypto investing

Decentralized & Open source

Decentralized, Transparent, Immutable

All data is stored on blockchain and managed by public, open-source smart contracts.


Community-driven. Multi-tier investor protection

3-layer voting mechanism over a project state. Utilizes all participants in the ecosystem.

Beautiful & easy to use UI, Documentation

Beautiful & easy to use UI, support, documentation

Manage and monitor your insurance. Participate easily in the project's governance.

Profit from the successful projects and eliminate losses from the unsuccessful ones in 3 simple steps:


Choose a project...

from the list of covered projects and make your desired investment. If you've already made it, then create your account.


...make a request...

via the “Protect my contribution” button and specify the amount of your investment to calculate the required one-time fee.


...and that's all!

Your contribution is now safe. In case of project failure or token value drop your investment will be refunded back to you.

2-year insurance policy
95% insured amount

What is a refundable token offering (RTO)?

Overview & core concepts

ICO Refund - Secure your ICO investments

Decentralized, community-driven platform for managing a collective pool of funds, used for refunding investments in failed, abandoned or terminated ICO projects and protection against token's drop in value.

It's a 2nd-layer implementation for protection of already made or yet to be made investment in ICO, STO or IEO - separated and independent from them. Incorporates the "DAO" principles and it's governed by the participants in it. More ››

During the 2-year project coverage period, every investor that has investment insurance is able to vote that the project has failed and request a 'refund state'. When enough investors vote, the state will be assigned and investments refunded.

The concept in its core is similar to that of the traditional insurance practices, but executed by public smart contracts and adapted for the process of investing in early-stage blockchain projects and the crypto environment.

ICO Refund - Secure your ICO investments
  • Fixed one-time fee | Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund

    Fixed one-time fee, instead of an annual one - goes to a collective pool of funds used for refunding of investments in failed projects.

  • Utilizes the efforts and goals| Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund

    Utilizes the efforts and goals of all types of participants in the ecosystem - investors, owners and community, to provide benefits and value for each.

  • 2-year insurance policy | Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund

    2-year insurance policy - the investment protection is active for a period of 24 months, divided into two stages: base and extended.

  • Cancelation & fee withdrawal | Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund

    Cancelation & fee withdrawal - if, for example, an investor wants to trade his tokens and no longer needs a refund option for his investment.

  • Maximizes your profit | Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund

    Maximizes your profit by allowing you various types of investments strategies and diversification, eliminating the losses from unsuccessful investments.

ICO Refund - Secure your ICO and STO investments

DApp Structure

Unique smart contract architecture for optimal balance between immutability and upgradability allowing simultaneously permanent data storage and the ability for fixes and upgrades to be implemented. The contracts used by the dApp are separated, depending on their functions, into 2 main types: upgradable and permanent - irreplaceable.

Upgradable logic, immutable user data - when an investor makes new insurance of his investment, it is always handled by the same contracts that were in use by the dApp at the moment the insurance request was made. That means there is no possibility of anyone to change the logic of how your insurance is stored and managed on the blockchain.

If the dApp is upgraded, it doesn't affect the existing projects, investment protections and the funds associated with them. The changes will only have effect on the projects and insurances added after the change. More ››


...of the most significant & mature dApp created so far

ICO & STO Investment Insurance Features: Not bounded to the investment


Your investment doesn't go through (is not made via) the dApp. You make your contribution just like you normally do - its insurance is separated.

ICO & STO Investment Insurance Features: Cancelation and fee withdrawal


Cancel your insurance if you no longer need it and withdraw your fee. For example, your project tokens are up in prize and you want to trade them.

ICO & STO Investment Insurance Features: Integrity - Only the best ICOs and STOs


No paid listing, no environment for 'expert' corruption and buying of ratings. Only the best projects with the highest potential are covered.

ICO & STO Investment Insurance Features: Stability - Stored, managed and refunded only in Ether


No convertion of user funds to dApp's own token, no price fluctuations. The funds are stored, managed, and refunded only in ether.

ICO & STO Investment Insurance Features: Clarity - Simple and documented structure


Clear, simple and documented policy, community guidelines, project states, governance and control (mechanism for voting over a project status).

ICO & STO Investment Insurance Features: Duration - 24-month insurance policy


The duration of an insurance is 24 months. In case of a project failure or drastic drop of token value during that period - your funds are repaid to you.

Covered Projects

Check out some of the refundable projects

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Protection rate:

Demo RTO: Project Lemon 2

Finished sale
Demo RTO: Project Lemon 2
Demo slogan

Demo project information: Token decimals: 12 | Token address: 0xDec27293287C7Cc96626da921718fd2A83034da2. Approximate duration of the different stages for the demo projects and their main net equivalents are...

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Protection rate:

Demo RTO: Project Strawberry

Finished sale
Project Strawberry Logo
Demo project
Demo, Learning

Demo project information: Token decimals: 8 | Token address: 0xc09E801a54cA104b1525D0FC0A17d1d39a0F1519. Approximate duration of the different stages for the demo projects and their main net equivalents are...

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Protection rate:

Demo RTO: Project Apple 2

Finished sale
Demo RTO: Project Apple 2 Logo
Demo project

Demo project information: Token decimals: 8 | Token address: 0xc09E801a54cA104b1525D0FC0A17d1d39a0F1519. Approximate duration of the different stages for the demo projects and their main net equivalents are...

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Protection rate:

Demo RTO: Project Apple

Finished sale
Demo project
Demo, Testing

Demo project information: Token decimals: 8 | Token address: 0xc09E801a54cA104b1525D0FC0A17d1d39a0F1519. Approximate duration of the different stages for the demo projects and their main net equivalents are...

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Insurance example:

Investment 10.0000000
Secured Amount 9.50000000
Pool Contribution 1.80000000
Browse Projects10% off for referred users

Earn while helping others

You get 20% commission of every insurance by a referral

Refundable ICOs & STOs - Become an affiliate - Referral program

Earn 20% of every insurance request made by a referred user. Besides that, the referred user gets 10% discount on all of his requests. Like the other features of the platform, the affiliate functionality is also executed by smart contracts.

That means you can withdraw your earnings whenever you like and don't have to count on somebody to order your payment or worry about delays of any kind. When your referral makes new insurance, your commission is automatically transferred to your balance by the dApp.

Because of the enormous amount of corruption and dishonesty among some of the reviewers and "influencers", we only allow approved referral partners. If you like the dApp and want to be a part of it, please contact us via the contact form or at [email protected]

Getting started

Resources, details, guides and additional information

Gains from contributing to successful early-stage blockchain projects could be huge, but 98% of all investments result in lost funds. Multiply your profit by making safe investments only to carefully researched, assessed and monitored projects, insured with a refund option.

The problem

Investing in new companies is very risky. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 startups fail because of a number of various reasons. Participation in public token sales is even more uncertain.

The newly presented opportunity for raising massive amounts of money in a short period of time – even by people not fully qualified to fulfill their promises, is combined with lack of regulations and often insufficient awareness and research by the regular person (investor).

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to ICO scams (yes, there are some blatant ones), and the funds lost in them, however, that will be a negligible number compared to the overall amount of money that investors will lose because of failed and abandoned projects.

Teams without enough experience, technical roadblocks, bad money management, inner conflicts, lack of professional qualification and dedication and many more factors will determine the future of many projects early in their existence. At the moments, it's estimated that over 95% of the early-stage blockchain projects fail in the first two years of their existence.

But even in such circumstances and uncertain environment, investing in new technologies is something necessary and can be profitable and beneficial for both investors and developers.

Selection & Monitoring

Our goal is to deliver a way to mitigate the risk factor as much as possible when investing in a project via a public token sale.

To be able to deliver sustainable service, the projects covered on ICO Refund are filtered by a complicated multi-step methodical process.

We follow the newly announced and upcoming projects closely. Our analysts evaluate their potential in various aspects, such as technology, innovation, value generation and delivering, team and more.

To be covered by ICO Refund, a project goes through detailed technical, financial and marketing analysis plus risk assessment. In some cases, we contact specific teams for more information and details about certain aspects of their projects.

Once a project is included, our team follows it closely for a two-year time-frame. We monitor progress indicators such as announcements, news, token value and more. We may notify users about important observations or settle a project's state as 'failed', to help the community.

We don't partner with any of the projects covered on the platform. ICO-Refund.com is UI for an independent third party decentralized application, not affiliated in any way with the included ICOs, STOs & IEOs.


Is this an ICO, can I get scammed?

No, we don't have an ICO and we never will. Also, we have no control over the collected funds. They are managed by the rules set in the decentralized application's public smart contracts. All decisions are made by the participants in the platform and their actions.

What is the "refund pool"?

A collective pool of funds with high liquidity, used for refunding investments in failed, abandoned or terminated ICO projects and protection against token's drop in value. The collective refund pool includes:

Pool contributions - the 'fees'. A contribution to the refund pool is a fixed one-time payment of 20% from the total investment made in a project, for users registerеd without an affiliate link and 18% for referred ones.

Collateral deposits of supporters - supporters (including owners) of a project can increase its protection rate and boost its visibility in the listing by making a special kind of pool payment that is repaid back to them if the project doesn't need to be refunded during its coverage policy. This way they help the investors and make a statement about the support that the project has.

Other payments in the dApp's ecosystem - for example, dispute collaterals from false public votes. See the official documentation for more ››

How do you make money?

On every new insurance request and supporter's collateral deposit, a part of the payment is earmarked to the platform resources account used to:
  • Supply with gas the Ethereum account that automatically triggers on a certain interval of time a set of utility functions, responsible for maintenance tasks related to the dApp's functionality;
  • Fund the front-end servers and other infrastructure;
  • Fund other platform related operations, such as development, project research and monitoring, marketing;

Who decides if a project has failed or not?

Please refer to the "Reaching consensus over a project status in a DAO" section of the documentation.

Which ICO/STO platforms are supported by the dApp?

As of right now - only Ethereum. We are actively working on choosing the best possible solutions for adding more while keeping intact the fully decentralized and transparent nature of the application.

Part of the Team

Team - Peter

Peter Krajnc

Blockchain Expert, ICO Advisory

Business angel, business analyst with over 8 years of experience, investor in early stage tech startups. Blockhain consultant and ICO advisor.

Team - David

David Wilson

Business Analyst, Financial expert

Extensive experience in data analysis, financial advisor, risk exposure analyst with strong focus on tech companies and startups.

Team - Janez

Janez Novak

Tech consultant, Developer

More than 12 years of experience in creating scalable and highly available IT services. Crypto enthusiast since 2012.

Filip ZielińskiCoordination and project management

Luka TomićData analysis, research and monitoring

Artem IvanovData analysis, research and monitoring

Susan WrightData analysis, research and monitoring

Igor ArzamastsevSystem administration, DevOps

Alexey KuzminSystem maintenance and monitoring

Note: Some of the members of the team are not listed at the current moment (by their choice), because of unclear legislation of all cryptocurrency related activities in their respective countries.

We value the right of privacy and as the platform is decentralized, completely transparent and open source, we do not consider that to be an issue.

Global Statistics

Secured Funds  
Investment Protections 
Covered Projects 
Pool Health  

*Includes off-chain data from projects added during the pre-blockchain period of the platform. What is Pool health? ››