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Demo version This is a DEMO version, runs on the Rinkeby test network.

The dApp contracts are absolutely identical to the ones deployed on the main net - you can check the code of the contracts. The only difference is that it uses testnet Ether and test project tokens for demonstration and learning purposes. Get familiar with the dApp and try it out here with no real cost.


There are no disputes yet

A dispute is an open, public poll over a failure state of a project. It is transparent and handled entirely on the blockchain. It can be requested by the investors after an unsuccessful internal vote for a refund state or by moderators and supporters if a project is falsely (maliciously) voted as failed.

There is a lottery draw at the end of every dispute to encourage and incentivize the participation of more people - after the results are processed 1 random voter gets picked by the dApp to win the lottery prize. The dispute is divided into 2 separate stages in order to prevent manipulation attempts - a "Voting phase" and a "Revealing phase". A user's vote is valid only if it is submitted during both stages - at the first one, it will be sent by the UI encrypted (hidden) with a password code, during the revealing stage the vote is submitted decrypted by the UI. The dApp will hash it on-chain and compare its hash to the encrypted one sent earlier and if the hashes match - the vote will be counted.