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Demo version This is a DEMO version, runs on the Rinkeby test network.

The dApp contracts are absolutely identical to the ones deployed on the main net - you can check the code of the contracts. The only difference is that it uses testnet Ether and test project tokens for demonstration and learning purposes. Get familiar with the dApp and try it out here with no real cost.

Demo RTO: Project Peach 2

This project is under a public dispute

Project is in a dispute state. Public vote is undergoing Prize: 12 ETH

A dispute is an open, public poll over a failure state of a project. It is transparent and handled entirely on the blockchain. The dispute is a regulative measure and can be requested by the investors after an unsuccessful internal vote for a refund state or by moderators and supporters if a project is falsely (maliciously) voted as failed by the investors in an internal vote.

There is a lottery with a prize at the end of every dispute to encourage and incentivize the participation of more people - after the results are processed 1 random voter gets picked by the dApp to win it.

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Demo RTO: Project Peach 2
Demo project
Finished sale

Demo project information: Token decimals: 12 | Token address: 0xDec27293287C7Cc96626da921718fd2A83034da2.
Approximate duration of the different stages for the demo projects and their main net equivalents are:

Pre-Sale End: 
15/09/2019 - 10:00
Token Sale End: 
31/08/2019 - 23:00
Current Protection Rate: 
× Investment insurance requests are allowed within 14 days from the last day of the conducted ICO

Demo version Try the dApp by making insurance for your investment in Demo RTO: Project Peach 2

Make your investment insurance. Go to 'New Insurance', enter the amount of your investment and confirm the 2 transactions with your MetaMask plugin:

-- The first one is the purchase of your demo tokens and it only exists here on the demo version to simulate the investment in the project. On the main net dApp you make your investment separately just like you normally do, it is NOT made through the RTO platform.

-- The second one is your insurance request call to the dApp on the blockchain. In about 15 minutes your project tokens will be automatically transferred to you when the transactions are confirmed - as you have received it in exchange for your contribution to the project.

See your newly received tokens in your MetaMask plugin by clicking 'Add token' in the menu then 'Custom token' and enter the token details displayed in the project information above. Participate in the project governance via the control menu below.

Your Protected Investments

Project Tracker

Open for new protection requests

Investment Protection

Your Investment Insurance
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Project Stats
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Global Pool State

Secured Funds  
Investment Protections 
Covered Projects 
Pool Health  

*Includes off-chain data from projects added during the pre-blockchain period of the platform. What is Pool health? ››

Control Panel

Vote for a refund of investments if the project has failed. More ››

Vote for project failure

IMPORTANT! Please see our recomended community guidelines for which projects are safe to be considered as failed.

Are you sure this project has failed? A false or malicious vote will result in cancelation of your investment protection!

Request a public voting over a project state. More ››

Request a Public Vote Over the Project's State

Dispute a result of internal investor's vote. Why the project is or isn't failed.

Are you sure you want to create an open public voting? Only one dispute can be invoked per project.

Project Info: Information on the current status of the project. Why the project will be disputed? If it was settled as failed provide information on why it isn't or in the opposite case - why it needs to be refunded.

Attach Screenshot: Image related to the actual state of the disputed project. It can be a screenshot from its official website, git repository, or other visual evidence for that the project has or hasn't been failed.

Vertical Tabs

In case you no longer need it and withdraw your "fee". More ››

Cancel your investment insurance

Are you sure you want to cancel your insurance? Once you do that your investment is no longer eligible for a refund.

The project has failed, get your insured funds back. More ››

Request a Refund Withdraw

After you request your investment refund with the button below please go to your profile to withdraw your funds.

Supporter Control Panel

Increase the protection rate to help the investors and boost the visibility of the project

Supporters' deposit withdrawal.

New supporter contribution

New listing status (rank): SupportedBetter visibility

The dApp does not allow paying for the inclusion of a project or a premium status of one. The only way for a covered ICO to be placed higher in the listings is the owners or other supporters to boost the project's protection rate percentage by making a "Supporter contribution".

This is a collateral payment that goes to the collective refund pool and increases the protection rate of the project. "Supported" projects are displayed at the top of the listings and on the front page of the site. The deposit can be withdrawn back. More ››

Your Net Amount DepositedOverall Collateral DepositRemaining Unused Deposit

Info: Supporters can request a public vote (dispute) from the main "Controls" section.

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